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Meaghan Freiter

Leadership Roles:

  • Currently a P4 out on rotations!

Hi everyone! My name is Meg Freiter and I am from Dunstable, MA. I ventured to the south four years ago and recently obtained my Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of South Carolina. I spent two years completing pre-requisites while participating in the Capstone Scholars Program, taking on undergraduate research and joining the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. I was exposed to collegiate leadership by becoming a Capstone Fellow and the ADPi Banner Chair, which allowed me to tend to my artistic side. Once pharmacy school began, I became a Teaching Assistant and obtained many other leadership roles that I am excited to explore this upcoming year. I am friendly, ambitious and creative. As a leader, I value being approachable, kind, and honest above all else. My dream is to someday open my own pharmacy, but my interest in a non-traditional pharmacy career has been inspired by my enthusiasm for pharmacy policy, advocacy and administrative roles