Hanna Murray

Ledership Roles:

  • Phi Delta Chi Worthy Inner Guard
  • Pillars for Carolina Director of Staff Development
  • USCCOP Student Ambassador

Hi everybody, my name is Hanna and I’m from Alexandria, Virginia. I’ve moved ten different times and have lived in eight different states, and because of USC South Carolina has rapidly become one of my favorite ones. Before coming to pharmacy school I found my niche at Carolina by working with first year students through various organizations, and I hope to channel that passion for helping others in my future pharmacy career. My areas of interest right now are infectious diseases and gastroenterology, so I’d love to graduate pharmacy school and do a residency program so that I can eventually get a great job in a hospital. I can’t wait to see how this program further shapes my interests, and I’m looking forward to capitalizing on the opportunities presented to me in this program so that I can become the best pharmacist that I can be for my future patients!