January, more like Frienduary

January, more like Frienduary 

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Dream Team 2018 

                PS: 2 more to come #April2018

January is the beginning of an extremely busy couple months for our Walker Leadership Scholars and the WLS Committee members. This time of year, the renowned Donna Walker makes her annual visit to the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy to speak to the first year pharmacy students. This is the first of many steps WLS program takes in beginning its selection process for awarding 2 deserving students the honor of being part of this marvelous program. A program where their growth knows no bounds.... 

Please take the time to hear about some of our scholar's thoughts on this sensational time of year below:


Laura-Jane Baker-Straw 4th year Pharmacy Student: 

January is always an exciting month for the Walker Scholars, as it is the time of year when we recruit applicants for the next year! During that process, our beloved donor, Donna Walker, joins us in person to help aid in the process. One of my favorite parts of the program is having the opportunity to have dinner with Donna and her mother, Mrs. Jeanette Walker, along with Mrs. Kathy and the rest of the scholars. We all bring different ideas, interests, and passions to the table and have great discussions about the future of the program, the future of the profession and how we can be exemplary leaders not only in our profession but also in health care. A table full of creative minds is certainly a roundtable discussion I love being a part of! During our evening, Taylor and I nominated each other and were selected by a unanimous vote that we would be the inaugural co-presidents of the Walker Leadership Scholars Alumni Foundation and were tasked with planning an event of all current and future scholars in the year 2020. We are excited to see how the program grows and implements change in our nation. I always leave any conversation with Donna feeling not only incredibly blessed for the opportunity of a lifetime that she has gifted me, but also inspired and empowered to go and do. We look forward to the application process and adding more scholars to our program!


Anna Todd 3rd year Pharmacy Student:

The spring 2018 semester has been off to a busy and fast start! The Walker Leadership Scholars were so happy to welcome Donna Walker back to the College of Pharmacy a couple weeks ago to speak to the P1 class and discuss our individual and team goals for the semester. The entire P1 class was in attendance to hear Mrs. Walker’s background in pharmacy and leadership. At the end of the presentation, each of the scholars shared one specific event or opportunity that the program provided us within the last year that we felt has given us the most leadership growth and insight. This was a great way for us to relate to the P1s and share with them how many opportunities for growth lies ahead in their pharmacy careers.

After the presentation, the entire committee met for lunch to discuss the upcoming semester and future plans for the program. These meetings are always special and one of my favorite parts of the semester since we only have the entire committee together a couple times each year. This semester, each scholar chose a specific task to take ownership of to facilitate organization and individual growth within the program. It was so great to speak with Mrs. Walker in person and have her as a source of guidance and mentorship throughout the program.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester, I am excited about attending the PLS Conference in Charleston and APhA annual meeting in Nashville. Additionally, we have begun the process of choosing our next two Walker Leadership Scholars following Mrs. Walker’s visit earlier this month. I am looking forward to seeing what additional opportunities lie ahead for us as we close out the school year!


Chuck Hennes 2nd year Pharmacy Student:

January has been one of the busiest months that I have been involved with in the WLS program. We started the selection process for two new members of our program and oh man it is a lot of work. January was all about meeting up with the one and only Donna Walker, who just recently was awarded the Phi Lambda Sigma Alumnus of the Year award, and discussing the upcoming selection process. All of the WLS members were able to meet up for dinner with Mrs. Walker, her mother, and the head of the WLS committee Mrs. Kathy Quarles-Moore. There we discussed various topics ranging from each of our individual interests/goals for the program to hot-button issues in the pharmacy profession. It was a fantastic time to build the bonds of our program and further the camaraderie amongst our group. We also had the opportunity to speak to the first-year pharmacy students and potential future Walker Leadership Scholars about what has been the most impactful portion of the program in our lives.

I was able to tell the students my story of how my original views of pharmacy changed from wanting to work for a company like CVS, to wanting to work in a hospital, to now wanting to pursue an MHIT degree and work in Pharmaceutical Industry. I’m looking forward to next month, where we start reviewing all of the candidates’ applications and start the interview process to get to know these potential scholars. One busy month down and 2 more even more challenging ones to come! Thankfully we have a tremendous support system amongst our program and we are always there to pick each other up.