September Scholarly Activities


Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center Pharmacy Ownership Bootcamp 

Also, this month, one of our P3 scholars, Meg Freiter, attended the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center (KPIC) and National Community Pharmacy Association’s (NCPA) Ownership Bootcamp. Although this was her second time attending the day long bootcamp, she came away feeling she had a better understanding of the financials involved in operating a business. She believes that “every student should consider attending this event and prior attendance shouldn’t deter students from going back year after year.” Meg’s favorite part of the day was ultimately the opportunity to reconnect with a previous Walker Leadership Committee Member, Dr. Bryan Ziegler, and current Committee Member and Director of KPIC, Dr. Patti Fabel. “Hearing their ideas and experiences with community pharmacy and ownership was invaluable. They gave me great feedback on ideas I have been developing. Their advice inspired me to continue to pursue ownership and involvement in organizations like NCPA and APhA. I want to affect change in pharmacy on a national level with the goal of implementing those practices in my own pharmacy one day.”

           The bootcamp walks students through how to read and create balance sheets and income statements in addition to topics like financing a pharmacy, innovative practice niches and marketing. Meg has since applied many of the marketing tips she received to the remote marketing she does for an independent compounding pharmacy in her home state of Massachusetts. She has benefited immensely from this owner’s mentorship and the opportunity he gave her to explore a vital component of an independent pharmacy. In October, the scholars look forward to hosting their first ever Leadership Seminar featuring committee member and professional leadership speaker, Dr. Kirk Randazzo, at the College of Pharmacy. In the first week of November, the scholars will attend the APhA-ASP Midyear meeting in Charleston. They are all looking forward to an inspiring semester! 

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American Red Cross Association 

Also on September 15th, Meg Freiter, out of the goodness of her heart, donated blood to help out the recent hurricane victims across United States.