L&T's News Flash

Happy New Year! I know we are all looking forward to and excited to see what 2016 has to offer! After a long, relaxing, somewhat summer-like break (specifically due to the warm weather), it’s nice to be back and getting in the swing of things again. We are really excited to get to be apart of the application process when selecting the new Walker Leader Scholars this Spring while continuing to work on our project with the Carolina Leadership Initiative to help bring leadership to the student body at the University of South Carolina. We are also thrilled to begin an elective focused on leadership with Dr. Fabel and while having just completed the first assignment for that class, we can already tell how beneficial it will be for the both of us. After such a wonderful fall semester of learning about leadership from Dr. Kirk Randazzo, Mr. Steve Greene, and Dean Rowen, we are excited to have the opportunity to apply those skills to our leadership positions throughout the spring semester and to continue growing to become the kind of inspirational leaders we look up to. 

An update on the Carolina Leadership Initiative:

Taylor and I have been very active in the CLI since August of 2015, meeting about every other week to discuss and engage ourselves in leadership. The first half of the semester we set a foundation by learning the basics of leadership, applying current theories and different views. We then dove into our current project; to take leadership to the entire student body at the University of South Carolina. We both thought it sounded a bit absurd at first, almost impossible, but once we started working with the rest of the crew on how to make this go live, it is starting to seem more like a reality than a dream. The theme of our project is “Spurred to Lead” which was crafted by last year’s CLI team. Our goal is to empower the students at USC to feel like they themselves are leaders. We are just now getting into the fine details about how we are going to make that happen but we have a basic template at this point; we want to reach 3 different ‘circles’, those being the individual, the group and lastly, the community. We will keep you updated on the progress of our project in hopes that everything goes smoothly over the next few weeks!